Are you interested in audience development?
Would you like to run events for your audience but you are not sure how?

Need to convince your colleagues that a theatre educator will not bring chaos into your theatre?

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The best way to learn is by doing! That is why we are offering pilot programmes, as a "first taste" of audience development to theatres of any type and size. The programme is created collaboratively, adapted to the specific needs of a particular theatre and its audience.

Firstly, we discuss your expectations about audience development, the possible scope available in your organisation, potential target groups, and the views and requirements of the management, dramaturgy, marketing, and sales teams. Based on surveys, we also analyze your audience´s opinions, wishes and expectations concerning the activity of the theatre. The all-embracing analysis is done by a three-person team composed of experienced theatre educators and an academic guarantor.
Subsequently, a suitable programme draft is designed and presented to the management.

One of the proposed audience development events is then performed at your theatre to demonstrate to the whole theatre team how a theatre educator can fit within the organisation and its operations. The duration of the pilot programme is determined individually but it should last at least two months and no more than four months.
Then, it is up to you to choose the next course of action.
If interested, the Association can also help recruit an in-house theatre educator and support his or her smooth integration into the organism of the theatre.
However, once the pilot programme is completed, you´re not obligated to do anything, the only one you are obliged to, is your audience, of course.